Jean Denson Horsemanship, LLC


Welcome to your horsemanship  journey with your horse.  Do you long to have a better relationship with your horse?  How about building a language with your horse that both of you understand.  Want to be safer with your horse?  I can help you with all that!   Learn how your horse thinks and how to gain strategies on how to best respond to your horse in different situations.  Do you know how to read your horse to determine if he is safe to ride?  Is he using the left side of his brain (the thinking side) or is he being right brained and reactive?  Explore how you can become the leader your horse needs and how to offer the relationship you have always wanted to have with your horses.  Does your horse have “baggage” from his past?  I can help with that as well!

photo courtesy of Deb Phillips

My Promise to you

I promise to put my relationship with you first and  to help you put the relationship with your horse first.  Rather than performing the task we will care more about the journey than the goal, and build trust, confidence,motivation and willingness in your true  horsemen do.

I will help you become well-rounded in both on the ground and riding,  to prepare you for success at every level- to read your horse, understand how he thinks  and to develop your ground skills, playing at freedom, and in riding.

I promise to inspire and support your quest for always  learning and self-improvement for you and your horse.

photo courtesy of Deb Phillips

Helping  people with horses

Helping horses with people